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Did you know that Round Elementary has a ‘Fall Fun Run’ as our main PTO fundraiser for the year?  This year we raised $13,200 and celebrated with a ‘Fun Run Assembly’ where the students who raised the most were allowed to choose a teacher and make them complete a “funny” activity.  Students were able to mummy-wrap teachers in toilet paper, spray them with silly string, apply makeup to their face, dress a teacher up, scotch tape a teacher’s face, tattoo a teacher’s arm, lasso a teacher or make the teacher sing “I’m a Little Teapot”.  Everyone enjoyed the fun.  Thank you to all of our Round families for your support and generosity!


Welcome to Round Elementary School

We are home to Kindergarten through 4th grade students in the community.  Round Elementary School offers young people in the Hartland community a developmentally appropriate learning environment. This is an exciting, challenging, and busy place to be.

Round Elementary is an excellent school with faculty and staff committed to children and learning. We offer a variety of program delivery methods that parents may choose from to provide the best instructional fit for their child.

Round also offers a number of opportunities for parents and community members to become involved in our school. We offer numerous intervention programs for our students to encourage educational and social success.  We value the contributions of parents and community members in our commitment to children and learning.

I look forward to another wonderful school year.


Dotty Selix

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Our mission, as staff of the Round Elementary School, in partnership with parents and community is to ensure that all students acquire and use the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Round Elementary School
11550 Hibner Road
Hartland, MI 48353

Ph: (810) 626-2800
Fax: (810) 626-2801
Attendance Line: (810) 626-2805
Instructional time: 8:50am - 3:50pm